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Expert Briefs

Smart Climate Policy
James K. Boyce

The Social Cost of Carbon
Frank Ackerman, Elizabeth A. Stanton

Climate Policy and Jobs: An Update on What Economists Know
Eban Goodstein, Kristen A. Sheeran, Jon Isham, Peter Dorman, John "Skip" Laitner

The Economics of 350: The Benefits and Costs of Climate Stabilization
Frank Ackerman, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Stephen J. DeCanio, Eban Goodstein, Richard B. Howarth, Richard B. Norgaard, Catherine S. Norman, Kristen A. Sheeran

Who Gets the Money? Distributional Implications of Carbon Revenue Recycling
James K. Boyce

Cap-and-Dividend: A State by State Analysis
James K. Boyce & Matthew E. Riddle

Arguments for Auctioning Carbon Permits
James P. Barrett

Climate Policy and National Security
Stephen J. DeCanio

Climate Risks: Lessons from the Financial Crisis
Robin Hahnel

Discounting, Uncertainty, and Climate Change
Richard B. Howarth

The Energy Efficiency Technology Resource
John A. “Skip” Laitner

The Stern Review vs. its Critics: Which Side is Less Wrong?
Frank Ackerman

Economics Is Not the Right Language for Addressing Climate Change
Stephen J. DeCanio

Lessons from the Montreal Protocol for Climate Policy
Stephen J. DeCanio

Towards Greater Transparency in Climate Economics: Deconstructing DICE-2007
Elizabeth A. Stanton